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Who We Are


Charlemont High School Past Students Association (CHSPSA) is a non-profit organization which was started in June 2008. Our vision is to make CHSPSA an organization that will promote our core values. 

 Our Motto:  "Striving for Excellence"

The association includes a deep involvement in the community, giving present and past students a place to channel positive actions which will benefit the school and our nation.

The CHSPSA plans to:

  • Coordinate various fundraising events
  • Assist current students through scholarships
  • Get the business community more involved in our causes
  • Recognize individuals who have done outstanding service for CHS
  • Recognize stellar alumni who have embodied the values of CHS
  • Promote active participation of the PSA in school and community events.

It is the hope of CHSPSA to create a sense of unity with other past student associations and community organizations. We believe it is crucial to network and have more opportunities available to us and the school community.

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Charlemont High School Past Students Association

P.O. Box 4282, Linstead, St. Catherine, Jamaica

1-347-770-6761 1-876-396-2166

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