Executive Board Members

Onenetta LaBeach (President)

Onenetta LaBeach '83

Ewarton, St. Catherine

CHSPSA President

Onenetta LaBeach serves as the president of the Charlemont High School Past Students Association. She is one of the first form students at Charlemont High School in 1978. She is  instrumental in reviving the CHSPSA. 

Onenetta holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology from the prestigious Pace University in New York. She currently resides in Dallas Texas but spends as much time as she can in Jamaica.

Onenetta believes it is incumbent on every past Eagle to assist Charlemont High School in whatever endeavors they can. Her strong faith in Jesus as her savior guides her in her passion for CHSPSA. She leads by example, therefore she has made sure she is always the hardest working member. Onenetta has one son Randy-Paul Maxwell who is her pride and joy.

She can be reached at  404-915-8387 or chspsafoundation@gmail.com 


Tanya Davis- Hernandez (VP)

Tanya Davis-Hernandez ‘90

Rosemount, St Catherine

CHSPSA Vice President

Tanya Davis-Hernandez works as a Certified Urban Planner in the State of Florida. A graduate of the 1990  class, where she served as Head Girl, she now humbly serve as Vice President of the Charlemont High School Past Student Association. 

It is her goal to provide assistance and support as the organization grows and enhance the quality of life for the students of Charlemont High School. 

Email: Tanyachspsavp@gmail.com

Lovine McLaughlin (Secretary)

Lovine McLaughlin ‘84

Linstead, St Catherine

CHSPSA Secretary 

Lovine has graciously agreed to be on the CHSPSA Executive Board as Secretary. After graduation from Charlemont High School Lovine attended Excelsior Community College for two (2) years (Secretarial Science). She was later employed at WYSYNCO as Secretary to the Plant Manager.  In 1990 Lovine migrated to the U.S. and lived in NYC for 15 years. In 2004 she moved to Villa Rica, Georgia where she received her degree as an RN and Surgical Technologist. She is a God-fearing Christian and is married  with two children, Justin and Bianca.

Email: chspsasecretary@gmail.com

Michael Braithwaite (Treasurer)

Michael Braithwaite ‘82

LLuidas Vale, St Catherine

CHSPSA Treasurer

As the first Head Boy of Charlemont High School, Michael has excelled in academics and leadership. He has continued this trend in his life and has chosen to be a board member of CHSPSA.

Michael is a person who is happy to help behind the scenes and is committed to providing assistance to as many Eagles as he can in whatever capacity he can. Michael currently resides in New York with his family. 

He can be reached at 347-770-6761 or chspsatreasurer@gmail.com  

Janet Palmer (PRO)

Janet Roach-Palmer '82

Linstead, St Catherine

CHSPSA Public Relations Officer

Janet Palmer is the current Provider Relations Manager for Integrated Homecare Solutions. Janet’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and leadership which she brings to the Public Relations Office. She thrives on challenges and has undertaken the challenge to help CHSPSA. Janet has also done volunteer work for the United Way, Hands on Broward and most recently Broward Outreach Center. 

Janet has an MBA and Bachelors from Nova Southeastern University in Florida as well as Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from Florida Atlantic University and a pending certification from PMO for Project Management. 

She lives in Fort Lauderdale with her son. Janet is one of the first Charlemont High School graduate; Eagle Class of 1982. 

Email: chspsapro@gmail.com

Benjamin Powell (Honorary Board Member)

Benjamin Powell ‘82

Village, St Catherine

CHSPSA Honorary Board Member

Benny Powell is part of the first graduating class of Charlemont High School. He now resides in the United States. 

He is a man of faith and as such believe it is his sworn duty to give back to Charlemont High School. He  is married and divides his time between work, church and serving on the CHSPSA Board. His vision is to see all graduates of Charlemont High School become successful members of society.

Email: chspsafoundation@gmail.com